Tuesday, February 9, 2021

You Down With TJP?

Dominik Dijakovic VS TJP - WWE When World's Collide 1/26/2019

CJD: I was really excited about this tournament when it happened. It seemed like a great concept and exactly the sort of content having multiple brands with distinctly different styles and your own personal streaming Network would lend itself to. Instead it was presented and executed with all the importance of a pickup basketball game. But this match at least was closer to what I was hoping for. I don't remember if I even watched it at the time but I thought it delivered on this watch. Dijak has constantly gotten better throughout his career which is a quality I highly value. TJP refuses to let himself get eaten up as the former first Cruiserweight Champion even though I think he can see the writing on the wall for his WWE run at this point. I liked the chemistry, the transitions, the little moments of this match. How they took a barely present convention crowd and drew them in whether they were planning on watching or not. And with the quiet brightly lit venue I think both guys really laid it in too. Mix all that up and I was happy to revisit a tournament I didn't expect to ever spend anymore energy on.

JJZ: Now this is how you book a 10 minute match between two guys with such a staggering size difference. Both wrestlers got such a shine from this match. Dijak looked like a true monster totally dominating TJP at every turn. While Perkins used his speed and agility to pepper in offense when he could. Smart and simply psychology by TJP to try to chop the big man down. The end stretch was really well done and I think both guys came out looking better than when they went in. I mean come on. It's hard to have a 10 minute match that tells a complete story like this one did.

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