Sunday, February 14, 2021

Misawa Dick Togo Santo Tri-State OuterContinental WWKD Champions #131-140

Keeping up with our recent division of labor of late, JJZ is here to recap 10 weeks of wrestlers we featured on Tuesdays, while I'll take you down 10 weeks of Forever Forward Friday Champions soon enough. These posts have gotten a little more spread out but as long as we have them here as a reference so we can remember what the hell we're talking about come our annual Head Droppies awards in March, then it's all gravy. This run of 10 Tuessay Titans was one of my personal favorites we've had. Let's let John take you through them...

131. Jeff Cobb
132. Will Hobbs

Starting off with a couple of power houses right here. Hobbs was new to both of us while Cobb is like an old friend. All of these matches showcased multiple levels of their talents.

133. Sam Adonis
Bringing in some old school dirty cheap heat with Sam. Real change of pace for the blog.

134. Blue Panther
135. Atlantis
136. El Hijo Del Santo
Three legends in a row. This was a fun run through Lucha Libre history. Both of us openly admit that Mexican wrestling isn't in our strong suit. Not that we don't like our friends from the south but it took us a little longer to appreciate lucha as fans. So chances to watch historically significant great matches like these are special. Also Santo becomes the first person to hold the singles and tag MDTSOCWWKD straps! Congrats me amigo!

137. Rey Mysterio Jr (x2)
Arguably the most successful Mexican wrestler in the history of the sport. Loved that both his matches focused in on Lucha Libre while his previous MDTSOCWWKD title run focused in on his American wrestling

138. La Parka
139. Sabu (x2)
140. 2 Cold Scorpio
Now I know that La Parka and Sabu's match was in MLW but goddammit that was an ECW style match if I've even seen one. So it is super fitting we closed out this round of Champs with ECW guys since ECW had such a huge part in bringing so many Mexican wrestlers to Americans eyes. Really fun list to revisit. Tip of the cap to Sabu for also becoming a two time MDTSOCWWKD Champion!

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